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Reform IT Solutions is a software company that builds apps that reform the way you accomplish everyday activities.  A key value that we have as a company protecting a persons privacy.  With other apps that are available online you can not be sure whether or not your privacy is valued as a user.  Know that any app we build is specifically designed to maintain your anonimity.  We accomplish this through implementing two specific mechanisms in the design of our apps:


We do not ask you to give us any personal data and your username is something that you can make up as long as it’s not alraedy in use by someone else.


We do not even store your password, instead we only use it to encrypt and decrypt your data.  This means that even we can not look at your data.

Our Products:



In today’s job application culture, most job applications are filed online with the major job search companies like Linkedin, Monster, Indeed, etc…  One of the challenges that applicants can face is keeping track of all of the job applications that they submit across these websites.  This is where JobTrac.io comes in.  JobTrac is a free tool that is designed to help you manage your online job applications in one centralized place.

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