the internals of a disk drive
Ubuntu: How to Expand an LVM Partition
Introduction In this brief post we will take a look at how to expand a Logical Volume (LVM) that your Ubuntu Server operating system is…
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React.js: Building a Password Strength Meter
In this post, we’ll walk through a simple React.js example of how to build a password meter display to indicate the strength of a password…
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Debatable: Build the front-end or back-end first?
This is the start of a new and ongoing series in which I will address topics that are debatable within the IT industry. I will then attempt…
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Divi - Swapping Page Navigation
The Divi WordPress Theme offers a lot of great features for building high-quality professional websites. But, as you probably know, every…
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Decorator - Wrapping Functionality
The Decorator Pattern is a Structural Design Pattern that can be used as a flexible alternative to inheritance to add responsibility at…
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data center
WordPress GDPR Compliance – Data Requests
This is the final post in our WordPress GDPR compliance blog series. We will be looking at how to use the tools provided by your WordPress…
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Screenshot of failed payment message.
Recovering from a failed payment in
man holding a phone
Where is in the App Store?
Note Trac: Tags - Create, Update, Delete
Note Trac: Creating a note (Part 2)
key on the ground
Bitwarden Password Manager - Desktop
Note Trac: Creating a note (Part 1)