This is the second post in a series on exactly what you can do with Note Trac. In the previous post we learned about creating text notes which is a feature that is available in both the basic and premium subscriptions. Today we will learn about creating checklist notes which is a feature only available in the premium subscription. If you’d like to be able to start using checklist notes you can go premium for the reasonable price of $8 / month or $86.40 / year.

So lets dive into checklist notes as we continue to learn how to use Note Trac to trac your life without wondering who might be tracking you.

Table of Contents

Creating Notes

With a Premium Note Trac account you are given the ability to create two types of notes, a text based note and a checklist note as the following screenshot demonstrates and as we mentioned in the first post in this series.

Add Note Menu Screenshot

Type Description
Text Note Capture a block of text and apply basic formatting to that text such as quotes, bible verses, a detail that you don’t want to forget, etc…
Checklist Note Manage a list of todo’s for a particular tag through the use of the add, drag n drop, edit, complete and delete features for individual tasks

Checklist Notes

If you click the “Checklist” menu item you will be presented with a form to add a new checklist note to the Note Trac Dashboard as show in the following screenshot:

Add Checklist Form Screenshot

You will noticed that instead of a text area to capture a text note this form contains the ability to add, edit and delete tasks and this is in-line with what one would expect for creating a checklist note that you’d use to keep track of a simple list of ToDo item’s.

Adding A New Task

1. Click “Add New Task” Button

In order to add a new task you will need to click on the ”+ Add new task” button which will display an input field in the form for you to enter the task name as shown in the following screenshot.

Enter task name input

Once you have entered the task name you can save it to the form by either by hitting the tab or enter keys on your keyboard. Once it has been saved it will be displayed similar to the following:

Saved first task

Notice that there is a checkbox next to the task as well as a trashcan icon. We will discuss these more in just a moment.

2. Task Drag n Drop

Another feature of the checklist note is the ability to re-order your tasks in a note by dragging and droping a task within the checklist. This feature is available in both the add note form as well as the saved note found on the desktop. Here is a screenshot of the checklist note saved to the desktop followed by a screenshot of the same note with the tasks reordered.

Saved checklist

After drag n drop

3. Complete a task

The next feature we’ll briefly discuss is completing tasks in the task list. In the following screenshot you’ll see a 4th task listed which has now been completed but is not yet checked as completed. The second screenshot shows that task checked as completed.

Incomplete task

Completed task

4. Delete a task

An import part of managing a task list is the ability to clear off tasks that you no longer want to see, this is what the trashcan icon is for next to each task in the checklist. If you click that icon the corresponding task will be deleted as shown in the following screenshot. The “Build Business Website” task was marked as completed in the last step. Now it has been deleted and no longer visible as shown in the following screenshot. Notice also that 1 more task has been marked as complete.

Deleted task

Adding Tags

Just like in the previous post, we’ll add some tags to categorize the note so it is more easily referenced in the future. In this case we’ll add a todo tag and a work tag as is shown in the following screenshot. (Keep an eye out for a future post about adding/editing/deleting tags within notes and filtering notes based on their tags.) Also, now that the note is done, the tasks have been re-organized and marked as completed. All that is left is to publish this post!

Finished Checklist Note


This is the second in a two part post on how to create a note with Note Trac. Keep an eye out for further posts on how to best utilize Note Trac to trac your life without wondering who is tracking you.