There are many different websites that you can use to apply for jobs.  Some of them have features that allow you to track your interview progress for the jobs that you have applied for on their websites but there is no good, completely free tool that functions as a centralized place for you to track your interview progress across these websites.  This is the gap that is intended to fill. is a web application that we here at Reform IT Solutions, LLC are currently building and hope to have completed by the end of the first quarter 2021.  It is built on a serverless architecture in React.js using Firebase. 

We have decided to make the app available totally free to the end user.  The following details are a sneak peak of  Check back here for updates as to the status in the next few weeks.

JobTrac app splashscreen


The following diagram represents the key features and cooresponding workflow of the application.  In order to use you must register as a user.  Be assured, Reform IT Solutions, LLC is commited to protecting your personal data, therefore we will not be sharing it with anyone else.  The Registration is only there so that you can come back and keep updating your trackers as you apply for more jobs.  Once you have registered and verified your email you will be able to login and use the full featureset of the tool.  You can udpate your account details.  You can also begin to add job application trackers, view them on the dashboard taking advantadge of the various features to keep track of the progress of your job application.  As a part of this, we have given users the ability to define and visually track the progress of their interviews unique to each job application.  Also, you can edit the tracker at any time to make sure that you have the latest notes and details available at your fingertips.

application workflow


Here is the registration page.  We aim to minimize the amount of personal data that you have to provide to use the tool.  We collect the first/last name, email address and your password with a comfirmation.  All of these fields are required and the password must conform to a number of rules in order to be acceptable.  Once you have registered your account you will recieve an email asking to verify the email address you provided at the time of registration.  Once you click the link in the verification email you will be prompted to provide your username and login after which you should be able to use the full features of the tool. 

register page


After you log into the app, you will need to add a job tracker before you can use the dashboard to actually keep track of your interview progress for your job applications.  You can provide any number of details about your job application each of which can be used as a reference from the Dashboard page when interacting with your potential future employer as you go through the interview process.  When you track a job application, you are auto scrolled back to the top of the add page where a confirmation message is displayed, the form is cleared so you can easily add another tracker.

Some of the key features on the add page include the ability to completely customize the “Interview Process” for each job application through the use of a Drag & Drop user experience.  Also, you are able to add notes to the tracker when you create it which you will be able to update/view from the dashboard as you are managing the jobs you’ve applied for.  Finally, you can include the URL for the job listing which will become a link from the dashboard that loads the original listing in case you need to refer to it at any point throughout the hiring process.

add tracker page
add tracker confirmation


Once you have added trackers for your job applications you can begin to manage them from the Dashboard page.  The first image below shows what the dashboard looks like just after you’ve added some application trackers.  The second image shows that when you hover over an interview stage for a given tracker, a context menu appears which allows you to specify the status of that stage.  This provides a quick visual report of the status of each job that is being tracked.

dashboard page 1
tracker context menu

Compact Dashboard View

The Dashboard facilitates both expanded as well as compact views of the Job application Trackers according to the users preference.  The expanded view (as shown in previous screenshots of the Dashboard page) include the ability to view the Tracker Summary and Tracker Notes as well as show the salary and location of the job that is being tracked.  The Compact view streamlines each tracker by not showing these items and thus reduces the amount of space the tracker takes up on the screen.  In order to toggle between the expanded and compact view you simply click the Compact Trackers or Expand Trackers button respectively.

compact view
pinned tracker

Pinned Trackers

If there is a particular job application that you want to keep a close eye on, you can choose to pin the tracker.  When you pin the tracker it ensures that the tracker will display at the top of the dashboard page making it much easier to find and manage.

View Tracker Details

From the Dashboard you can view some of the details of each tracker without having to go to the trackers edit page.  Specifically you can view the trackers summary and notes.  This makes it very easy to get to the information you need as you do interviews over the phone or online and helps you to be better informed when discussing the job opportunity with a potential employer.  When viewing the notes you are able to add/edit/delete them directly from the view notes page.

View Tracker Summary
view notes

Edit Tracker

From a Dashboard Tracker you can click on the “pencil” icon and it will load a page that allows you to edit the tracker accordingly.  This page is very similar to the Add page except you can also delete the tracker from this page if you wish by clicking the delete button.  If you make a change to the tracker data the Update button will be enabled and you can apply them accordingly.  If you make changes and decide you don’t want to apply them just click cancel and it will take you back to the dashboard page with the original data intact.

edit tracker page