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This project was for a church who needed to replace their WordPress website with a new website on the SubSplash platform.  The decision was made to use the SnapPages Page Builder to build their new website because it was available at no extra charge and provided seamless integration with the media that they were integrating with their SubSplash mobile app. 


Most of the work on this project consisted of migrating the content from their previous WordPress website to SubSplash.  The website was complete redesigned in therms of structure and user experience as well as look and feel.  The following features were implemented to support their needs as a church. 

Sermon Archive –  The church wanted a way to store and make available the sermons that are taught each week.  We took advantage of the SubSplash media library features to deliver this feature in the website.

Church Calendar – They also wanted a way to manage events organized by the church in such a way that was easy for people to know what was planned.  We took advantage of the SubSplash Events feature to deliver this feature of the website.

Online Giving – Another key feature that needed to be included was a way for people to tithe online.  They setup an account with SubSplash giving and we integrated that with their website so that people could tithe through the website.

Announcement Request Form – One other feature that they wanted to have was the ability for people to use the website to make requests for announcements in service.  We used the SnapPages page builder to setup a form on the events page of their website to handle these requests.

Sermon Archive Section
Events Section
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