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This single-page website functions as an online resume to market MKW Consulting’s professional services to new clients.  This website is designed to be simple, clear and provide all that someone visiting the site would need to know, about MKW Consulting, to decide whether or not to hire them for their services.  It also offers the option to contact MKW Consulting in order to find out more about their services.  We re-created the company logo and built the website in WordPress in an afternoon.  If you like what you see and would like us to help build something similar, please feel free ask as for a free quote using the button below.



We landed this contract because the previous company that was managing their website had let the domain name expire and the web server was no longer available.  The business was in urgent need of spinning up a website that would represent their brand well in a very short amount of time.  We built this website in an afternoon and they went live the same day.


Single Page Website – The basic need that MKW Consulting had for their website was that it would quickly and clearly explain what their business was all about.  This is the perfect kind of business for a Single Page Website.  The navigation buttons are anchored to specific sections of the single page so that users are auto scrolled to them. 


We also included a “scroll to top” button (grey arrow on the bottom right).  This means that at any point on the page, the user can click this button and it will take them all the way back to the top so they can click on another menu item.


Finally, at the bottom of their single-page website we included a Contact form that allows for a visitor to their website the ability to send them a message.  This contact form utilizes Google reCAPTCHA to minimize the volume of spam contacts they might receive.  

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