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This tool was a custom software development project with Master Plan Ministries.  This project consisted not only of the custom software development work but also consulting work to help them streamline their staff assessment process as well as their collection of stakeholder reporting metrics.

Once their processes has been assessed and streamlined, we then built them this completely custom online metric tracking tool.  This solution was built in Java using Spring MVC with a MySQL Database back-end hosted on a Tomcat Web Server.


The purpose of this tool was to streamline the collection of metrics that are used by the organization to report to key stakeholders.  The following were critical features to realize this streamlined process.

Remember Me – One of the features implemented was “remember me” functionality that utilized Spring Security to remember when one of the users had logged in.  This combined with an email reminder that contained a link to the weekly stats collection significantly improved the user experience for keying in the required data.

 Dashboard – Another feature that was requested by MPM was a Dashboard that showed the stats as they were collected on an annual basis.  This dashboard was broken down for the individual that was logged in and showed the total stats for that individual, for the individuals campus and finally for all of Master Plan Ministries for that fiscal year.

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Enter Weekly Stats – This page displays when a user has checked the remember me functionality and clicks the link provided in the weekly email reminder to staff to enter their stats.  This was another part of streamlining the stats collection for MPM staff.

Edit Stats – This functionality was implemented so that if a staff member made a mistake in entering their stats or had forgotten to enter their weekly stats they would have one page where they could do bulk data entry.  This page displays a row for each week in the fiscal year.  In each row the stats that have been recorded are displayed.  If no stats have been recorded for that week then each stat shows the value of zero.  With this feature a user can quickly key in large amounts of stats data and save it all at once.

 Reporting – This was another key feature of the tool that enabled staff to query the stats data and generate reports of that data to send to ministry stakeholders.  There were quite a few different types of reports that could be created based on the campus, dates, etc…



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