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This website was delivered to a growing small business that is looking to establish a legitimate online presence to provide information and services for the products they sell on Etsy.  We built a custom-designed website that will meet this need.  This small business also wants to be able to have a way to manage bookings, through their website, for workshops and consultation appointments that they offer.  We have customized the website to support both of these important features for them.  Read below to find out more about this project!



Natural Barnet is growing very quickly as a small business.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing the vision that they have for their business and how a website could be used to help them grow even more.  The following features were built with this in mind.  Every website is a tool and it is important to understand exactly how a website is going to work with your business to help you solve problems that you are facing.


Workshop Event Management Solution – Natural Barnet hosts workshops as a part of their services they offer to customers.  Natural Barnet needed an easy way to manage bookings for these online.  We built them an event booking solution that allows for them to create events and manage bookings for those events.

Consultation Appointment Management Solution – Natural Barnet also offers one-on-one consultation appointments.  They needed a way to manage bookings for these kinds of appointments.  We built them an appointment management solution that allows them to create schedules of available hours that visitors to their website can use to book a time slot for a consultation.

Workshops Page
Consultations Page

Custom Design – One of the key values of Natural Barnet’s brand is a “personal touch”.  It was therefore important that their website reflected this value in the way that it was designed.  One key element of this design is the About Us page which is designed to look like a letter hand written by Yemi and Afua, the founders of Natural Barnet to the visitors of their website.  This theme was carried out through the rest of the design.

Blog – One final feature of their website is the blog.  Natural Barnet want to use Social Media to get their brand out there.  They have a YouTube channel and also wanted a place to publish blog posts about Natural Hair for visitors of their website.  All of the knowledge that they are making available comes out of their own frustrations and experience that resulted in the creation of the products that they now sell at their etsy store.


about us page
blog post page

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