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The REDpetition.com project was a very unique opportunity.  This website was built for the National Christian Media Association who wanted to protest against Netflix, Hulu and Disney for their attack against conservative values.  This petition came out of these companies threats to move production out of Georgia because of the decisions being made within that state regarding the controversial issue of abortion.  

Our requirements for this website were quite challenging for a number of reasons.  First, the time to deliver it was very short, we wen’t live in less than a week.  Second, because of the controversial nature, special measures were required to ensure that the site was resiliant against attempts to take it down. 



Simple Solution – We purposefully decided to not deploy this website on a WordPress install and handle form submissions through our own infrastructure.  Instead we hosted this single page website as a static html page with links to a Google Form to handle submissions.  

Real Time Counters – The website while a static HTML page used JavaScript to refresh the page on an interval so that the dollar amounts for the subscriptions canceled for each company could be displayed real time.  This data was collected using the Google Form and stored in a Google Sheet.  The static html page polled the Google Sheet to retrieve the latest totals.  You can read more about how we did this in our Google Sheets as a Back End blog post.

DDOS Mitigation – We build this website in partnership with Connectivity Engineer who managed the infrastructure side of the solution.  CloudFlare was used to front the website.  Because of the controversial nature of the website we did experience DDOS attacks as large as 34GB/s and the website never went offline during the petition.

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