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This website is used by Speaking Sword to consolidate all of their teaching seminar media in one place online.  The organization hosts regular seminars and records video, audio and takes photos.  These are all accessible through this website.  Further, the website facilitates their need to manage the bookings for the seminars they host.  This website was built using WordPress and is GDPR compliant.


Speaking Sword is a Christian teaching ministry based out of Lagos Nigeria and is committed to teaching and promoting the study of God’s word.  Their aim is to teach the entire Bible, allowing the word of God to speak for itself so that we can all come into the deepest knowledge and understanding of His character, His will, and His love.  The following features of their website have been built to facilitate their calling as a ministry:

Event Management Solution – One of the core ways that Speaking Sword offers teaching is through live seminars.  Therefore, they had a need to be able to schedule seminars and manage bookings for available seats.  We ensured that an event management solution was delivered that caters for these needs including an email notification solution to manage the booking process.

Teachings / Gallery Pages – The two other key features that Speaking Sword desired was an easy way to publish both their teachings and photos at for each of their seminars.  We implemented both of these using the Blog feature from the Divi Theme which gives them complete design control over how the individual teaching and gallery posts look and at the same time offering a clean professional design for how those are presented and searchable by seminar.  Here are a few screenshots to demonstrate.

Booking Management Screenshot
Teaching Page
Galleries Page

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