There may come a time when a premium account subscription payment fails Note Trac. In the event that this happens there is a very simple process that you follow to re-instate your premium account access. This post is meant to walk you through that process.

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Your payment failed

When a credit card payment fails for a Premium Subscription a message will be displayed exactly like the one shown in the featured image of this post with the following message:

Failed Payment: To restore premium features, cancel your subscription and re-subscribe with a valid card. your data will be preserved.

You will also notice that all premium features are no longer available. It is important to realize that while the features are not available due to the failed payment, all of your data including your tags, pinned notes and custom settings are saved. This means that once you fix the failed payment, all of the premium features as well as your data will be restored.

Steps to fix the failed payment

In order to fix the failed payment so that you can use all the premium features and regain access to your data, there is a two step process that you must follow, first you must cancel your subscription and second you must upgrade to a new premium subscription again with a valid credit card.

Cancel Subscription

The first step is to cancel the existing subscription which is extremely easy. Simply go to the account tab. If you want more information as to why your payment was declined click the information icon next to the Premium account type logo and any further details we have as to the reason why the credit card processing company declined payment will be displayed there.

Failed Payment Message Screenshot

Notice the “Cancel Subscription” button just below the failed payment message. Click this button and a confirmation message will be displayed as shown in the following screenshot.

Cancel Subscription Confirmation Screenshot

Click the “Confirm” button to continue with the cancellation of your subscription. After a brief moment you will be re-directed to the login page with the following message displayed above the login form:

Please login to use your Basic Account features.

Login Form Screenshot

Re-upgrade to a premium subscription

Once you have supplied your normal username and password and successfully logged in, navigate to the account page again. This time you will see the standard options for upgrading to a premium account.

Basic Account Page

Choose whichever option you prefer and the account upgrade page will then be displayed as normal. Click on the “Add Card” button, fill in your valid credit card details and click the upgrade button accordingly.

Upgrade Page

You will now be redirected again to the login for your newly re-upgraded premium subscription. Notice the new message displayed at the login, this indicates that your re-upgrade was successful

Please login to take advantage of your new Premium features!

Premium Login form

Once you have logged in you should see the dashboard with all of your notes and tags restored along with all the premium features.

Premium desktop