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One of the main services we offer is building websites from custom websites to do whatever you require for your business to simple single page websites in WordPress.  It is important to realize that a website is a tool for your business and there are right uses and wrong uses for every tool.  This means that we work hard to understand the specific needs you have and problems you are trying to solve as a business.  Then we determine the best kind of website you need to add the most value to your organization.  A website will not add value if thought is not put into how your website will be useful to your organization.


Software Development is our bread and butter.  We specialize in JavaScript and Java based custom applications for our clients.  Even so, if that is not what you are looking for it does not mean we cannot cater to your needs.  Our focus is not so much on the technology that we like, but on the technology that is best for your organization’s needs.

We build custom web applications which are a special kind of website that functions more as an application for your organization than a website’s typical role of an online marketing tool.  We also build SaaS solutions (Software as a service) and custom API’s (Application Programming Interface). 

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Our consulting services fall into two categories, technical consulting and management consulting:

Technical consulting will naturally be included as a part of any web or software development project we work on.  This is the case, because your software solutions have to meet the needs of your business.  If those needs and other considerations are part of the delivery process, then you would not be receiving software from us that is best suited for your organization.  This is why we always work through your needs with you as a part of our technical consulting capabilities.

Management consulting is separate from our web and software development projects although they can be related.  Typically our management consulting consists of management structure assessments, fit-gap analysis and business process analysis.  This service will help you mitigate risks, reduce costs, improve communication and position you to grow as you move forward to accomplish the goals of your organization.