Debatable: Build the front-end or back-end first?
This is the start of a new and ongoing series in which I will address topics that are debatable within the IT industry. I will then attempt…
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Decorator - Wrapping Functionality
The Decorator Pattern is a Structural Design Pattern that can be used as a flexible alternative to inheritance to add responsibility at…
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Builder – Controlling Object Creation
The Builder Design Pattern is another one of the GOF creational design patterns. This pattern can be used to simplify the way that complex…
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Factory Method – Separation of Concerns
The Factory Method Design pattern is one the GOF creational design patterns. If I was to summarize what this is in as simple terms as…
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Adapter - Using Incompatible Interfaces
This is the third post in our Software Design Pattern series. The Design Pattern that we will be looking at today is called the Adapter…
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Observer - A Tool for State Management
This is the second in our Software Design Pattern series of posts and today we are going to take a look at the Observer pattern. The formal…
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Screenshot of failed payment message.
Recovering from a failed payment in NoteTrac.io
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Where is NoteTrac.io in the App Store?
Note Trac: Tags - Create, Update, Delete
Note Trac: Creating a note (Part 2)
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Bitwarden Password Manager - Desktop
Note Trac: Creating a note (Part 1)